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Products / Livestock

We carry quality fish for your fresh water/marine aquariums as well as for your indoor/outdoor ponds. Why not enhance the look with our fresh water/marine aquarium plants, arrangements of tropical pond plants and perennial pond plants indigenous to Quebec. All your needs are just a phone call away.


Aquarium service

AquaExpert can help take the work out of having an aquarium. No more gravel washes, no more filter changes, no more glass cleaning, no more water carrying. Let us care for your aquarium as if it were our own.


Pond service

Our comprehensive pond service includes spring opening, summer maintenance, fall netting and winter closing. Choose as little or as much as you like. Together we can design a servicing program that is right for you. 


Waterwalls / Fountains

Water features enhance a living space with charm and tranquility. If not maintained, a feature of beauty can transform into an unsightly spectacle. Talk to us about designing a maintenance program to keep your water feature running well all year round.