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Aquarium service

Did you know that you need between 2.5 and 5 watts of light per gallon to sustain plant life in your aquarium?

Did you know that fish living in a naturalized aquarium will exhibit several interesting behaviors like foraging and courtship displays ?

AquaExpert can help you achieve a living ecosystem within your aquarium.

Imagine your marine system with living caulerpa, colonies of filter feeders, a fish-cleaning station run by shrimp, an assortment of intriguing invertebrates, some sprawling coral colonies and a medley of compatible fish darting in and out of a reef of living rock.

Imagine your freshwater aquarium as an aquascape, a sloping terrain broken by cliffs of petrified wood. A foreground of aquatic moss merges with low lying fine green leaves that integrate into broad red leaves. A school of cardinals flow like neon lava over the rockscape.

AquaExpert specializes in creating customized servicing programs. Aquariums in a highly visible public space may require more frequent visits than a home aquarium. Marine systems with susceptible lifeforms may require more attention than freshwater systems. Together we can decide on a maintenance programs to meet your needs.

AquaExpert can supply you with quality products as well as hand selected invertebrates, fish and plants to create an oasis in your home or work place.

AquaExpert can help take the work out of having an aquarium. No more gravel washes, no more filter changes, no more glass cleaning, no more water carrying. Let us care for your aquarium as if it were our own.