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Pond Service

Our comprehensive pond service includes spring opening, summer maintenance, fall netting and winter closing. Choose as little or as much as you like. Together we can design a servicing program that is right for you. 


We carry a distinguished line of specialty ponds fish, arrangements of tropical aquatic plants and unusual perennial aquatic plants that are naturally indigenous to Quebec. Accents of selected rocks,  moss, weather worn drift wood help to bring the magic of nature to your living space.

Trickling water flows over a mosaic of colorful rocks, Cedar Waxwings bathe in a shallow pool. At dusk a fox slinks through the elderberry bushes to drink from the cool water of a small pond.The dawn light reveals an aquatic nymph that has just climbed a reed and transformed itself into a Red Darner dragonfly.

 This is not a remote wildlife sanctuary but just another typical day in the life of an urban pond.